AYURVEDA – Principles and practices for the 3 constitutional types
This will be a really fun workshop!

We’ll be looking at the 3 different doshas or constitutional types according to Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga). We’ll take some time to discover which dosha or doshas are predominant within our own constitution. We’ll look at different yoga exercise and lifestyle habits that help bring each dosha back into balance, how the seasons effect the doshas and what tends to throw particular constitutions out of whack! Lots of useful information to incorporate into your daily routine, ideas to help bring a feeling of balance back when life throws a curve ball and principles to apply to your existing yoga practice to suit your individual needs.

WHEN 10:30-11:30 Saturday TBA

WHERE Local Yoga Fairfield. St Andrews Uniting Church Hall 85 Gillies St Fairfield
Cost $25 Payable at time of booking in class or by direct debit.
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WHEN 10:30-11:45am Saturday TBA

This highly accessible workshop introduces you to the bandhas and shows you how you can integrate these magical ‘locks’ into your practice in a very usable way. Learning how to apply the bandhas is one of the key elements of a safe and ‘feel good’ yoga practice, creating an incredible amount of support and stability even in challenging positions.

Through the practice of asana, pranayama and observation this workshop will give you a whole new lens to view your practice through.

Who is this workshop for
• New students of yoga, these foundational skill will create habits that will help you develop a supported and safe personal practice.
• Students who experience pain or discomfort in the lower back or pelvis during or after their practice. Eg, lower back pain, SI joint pain, pelvis instability.
• Students who wish to deepen their understanding of their own body and practice.

Some of the many benefits of the bandhas
• Strengthens abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
• Improves and strengthens the breath and respiratory System
• Strengthen lower back
• Improves postural alignment
• Creates a feeling of space and buoyancy in your asana practice

Cost: $25 Limited places available.

Please register or inquire via the bookings form below. Payment due upon registration. Payment options: In class or by direct debit (account details will be mailed to you upon registration).



Spring has sprung.. it’s the perfect time to start including some Ayurveda self care practices into your routine!

I’ll be teaching a mini workshop on Ayurveda/Yoga self care practices. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. It’s a wonderfully usable natural medicine with lots of great ideas to bring into your daily routine.

We’ll be discussing self care practices that improve circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, nourish and hydrate the skin, assist healthy digestion, remove toxins and clear the sinuses. Best of all these are simple techniques that are easy to introduce into your daily routine.

We’ll discuss the whys and how’s of the following:
– Dry skin brushing
– Abhyanga Self Oil Massage (and which oils to use bases on your constitution)
– Tongue Scraping
– Oil pulling
– Neti
– 2 beautiful and simple Ayurvedic teas to add to your day
– there will be lots of chances to ask questions and discuss techniques.
– where you can purchase a dry brush/ tongue scrapper/ neti pot locally if you decided to add these fantastic practices into your routine.

Straight after the Saturday 20th October morning class 10-10:30am.
Please click the link below to book or express your interest in the workshop.


A note pad and pen. Any questions you have.

Look forward to sharing with you!


YOGA 101: The Pelvis in Forward & Backbends
Learn how to move the pelvis well in forward and backbends. Understanding this foundational movement principle is super important. It keeps our spine and lower back muscles safe, builds strength in our lower abdominals, glutes and hamstrings, and reduces the risk of injury as we practice.
If you feel crunchy rather than spacious when you backbends or achy at the end of a class with lots of forward folds this workshop is for you. Come learn to move well – your practice and your lower back will love you for it!
What we will look at:
• The anatomy basics of the pelvis
• The muscles that control the forward and backward movement of the pelvis
• How to create space in the lower back during backbends
• Where to initiate forward bends from to protect and support the lower back
• We’ll incorporate these principles into a yoga asana practice so you can feel for yourself the difference these techniques make in your own body.
WHEN 10:30-11:45am Saturday 2nd June
WHERE Local Yoga Fairfield. St Andrews Uniting Church Hall 85 Gillies St Fairfield
Cost $25 Payable at time of booking in class or by direct debit.
*Direct debit details will be emailed to you when you submit your booking request.