WORKSHOP Creating a Morning Practice Yoga/Kriya/Pranayama

BOOST energy levels. Increase VITALITY. Build PRANA!

Would you like to learn some simple breath and movement exercises that help to stimulate blood flow, increase energy levels and build vitality first thing in the morning? If you feel lathargic in the morning or you would like to learn a nice routine to give yourself a boost then this is for you!

WHEN 7:30-8:30am Sunday AUGUST 13th

• PRANAYAMA Simple breathing exercises to increase energy
• KRIYA Movement and breath exercises that help rid the body of toxins, improve digestion and increase vitality
• YOGA Sun Salutes/choosing specific asanas that you know you need!

COST $20. Spaces are limited.

WHERE Local Yoga Fairfield. St Andrews Uniting Church Hall 85 Gillies St, Fairfield.