Local yoga Fairfield

REST & RENEW Workshop @ Local Yoga Fairfield

SOLD OUT- Sunday October 9th 3-4:15pm @ Local Yoga Fairfield A 75minute class focusing on deep rest & relaxation. An opportunity to fill your cup. A class of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation focusing on releasing tension from the body/mind) & gentle Pranayama (breath work). This is great class for anyone who wishes to… Continue reading REST & RENEW Workshop @ Local Yoga Fairfield

Yoga Sequences

Short & effective shoulders & neck sequence 

These are my favourite shoulder openers at the moment. Since the birth of my daughter I've been on a constant hunt for quick & effective ways to release shoulder & neck tension. There are three parts to the sequence. No props, using a strap & on the wall. This is a fantastic little sequence you… Continue reading Short & effective shoulders & neck sequence