Yoga Sequences

Good Morning Yoga

Here is a short well-balanced morning yoga sequence that moves the spine & openens the body ready for the day. Hold each of the single posture for 5 breaths. The floor based flow has either an inhalation or exhalation associated with each movement- expansive movements you inhale, contracting movements you exhale. Don't rush the breath,… Continue reading Good Morning Yoga

Local yoga Fairfield

REST & RENEW Workshop @ Local Yoga Fairfield

SOLD OUT- Sunday October 9th 3-4:15pm @ Local Yoga Fairfield A 75minute class focusing on deep rest & relaxation. An opportunity to fill your cup. A class of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation focusing on releasing tension from the body/mind) & gentle Pranayama (breath work). This is great class for anyone who wishes to… Continue reading REST & RENEW Workshop @ Local Yoga Fairfield

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Reset your system- take 60 seconds to de-stress

Sometimes we just feel a bit stressed, off centre or nervous. These 3 steps help us find our centre & calm the nervous system. There are lots of other beautiful ways too of course. Go for a walk, do a quick yoga nidra or meditation, a few postures on your yoga mat. But that's not… Continue reading Reset your system- take 60 seconds to de-stress