Online Private Yoga Classes

Develop a personalized Yoga, Meditation and breathing practice designed to support and inspire your health and healing. During these online sessions, we will develop a short personalized home practice with your particular goals in mind. Different yoga tools are used to support both mental and physical health.

Suitable for all students – no prior yoga experience necessary.


Times available Tuesday & Thursday 10 am – 4 pm

Saturday 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

The Process

At the initial consultation, an individualized practice will be written up, worked through and sent to you to follow for the next week of home practice. A follow-up session will be booked for one week later to review and make any adjustments and then the third session 2 weeks after that will develop a final regular home practice. Once these three sessions are completed you are welcome to book one-off sessions for review, to change it up or to address any new issues. Home practices can be just 10 minutes daily – a small amount of consistent practice is key to experiencing yogas many benefits.

Online Streaming

All our online private classes are run via ZOOM. You can download this free app here


1st Class – Initial Consultation $70

2nd Class – Review $60

3rd Class – Final Practice $60

Single Session 1 hour – $70

If you have any kind of health problem Ruth will customise the yoga practice so your don’t aggravate an injury. She has the most amazing understanding of the body and has helped me work throughout a number of issues. I have had a number of yoga teachers but not one has been as marvellous as Ruth. Vicki Hambling

A ‘one to one’ yoga class is made for you and specifically looking at you. I would highly recommend it as this is for you and your body. The way you move, your lifestyle and most of all the experiences your body has gone through in your life so far. Anastasia K