Corporate Yoga Classes


Ruth is passionate and experienced in bringing the benefits of yoga to workplaces around Melbourne.

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Hear what some of Ruth’s students have to say.

Thanks Ruth, for your great yoga classes. I love how you manage, with ease, to suit your classes to the people in them, regardless of age or skill level. I don’t feel like I’m being left behind or I’m not good enough. The way you describe the poses really makes it clear what I need to do to get the most out of the pose and what I should be aiming for. You are so supportive and I appreciate the time you take to make sure I feel comfortable and can ask questions. Namaste. Kim Vassallo

During my time as a wellbeing coordinator, I arranged the on site yoga classes. Ruth was always reliable, organised and punctual. Ruth has a kind and engaging manner, which make her classes popular and enjoyable. Everyone loves her and I only ever received positive feedback. I can highly recommend Ruth’s yoga classes.

Personally, I loved Ruth’s classes. I really like that she includes a warm up and takes time to get to know people so is able to tailor poses for everyone’s ability. The classes are varied, challenging and fun, and Ruth has kind and engaging way of encouraging people to do their best, to go beyond what they believe they are capable of. I always leave her classes feeling great. Andrea Hooper

Ruth is a natural born yoga teacher and this comes through in every session. Her classes are never boring or repetitive but unpredictable, challenging and fun. I often wonder how she retains all the different asanas in her head. Even on days when I can’t remember my left side from my right, I leave Ruth’s class feeling uplifted, peaceful and grateful our paths crossed. Namaste Niki Vounoridis