About Ruth

Ruth Bailey

Ruth Bailey is Yoga Therapist and teacher dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming community and practice environment. Her classes focus on wellbeing of the body and mind.

Ruth is a qualified Yoga Therapist holding a Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Therapy Institute. She has also trained with Svastha Yoga Therapy and is currently  completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Deakin University. Ruth is grateful to the inspiring teachers she has trained with, Indra and A.G Mohan, Ganesh Mohan and Jean Campbell.

Jack is the other member of the LYF team. He is a regular at our Thursday evening classes in the Church. Sweet Jack came to us from the wonderful Chihuahua Rescue Victoria group in Frankston. He lives a very happy life but the highlight of his week is definitely seeing all his friends at Yoga.

Jack Local Yoga Fairfield

Ruth is a special yoga teacher with excellent knowledge and a sincere, healing approach to everyone who comes to her. Donna Goddard

Ruth Bailey Yoga

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2 thoughts on “About Ruth”

  1. Hi Ruth, somehow I managed to delete the email you sent me as I started reading it. No idea how I did that. Can you send it to me again? X Claire

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