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Christmas timetable & a ‘Lower Back Sequence’ for you.

Local Yoga Fairfield

Christmas Timetable 2016 @ Local Yoga Fairfield ūü饬†

Tuesday 13th December 6:15-7:15pm & Saturday 17th December 9-10am are the last classes for the year.

NEXT YEAR January 2017 @ Local Yoga Fairfield

Drop in weekly classes restart from Saturday 14th 9-10am Open Level & Tuesday 17th 6:15-7:15pm Beginner Open Level

REST & RENEW Restorative Yoga Class. Sunday 22nd January 4-5:15pm*

FOUNDATIONS of YOGA COURSE. Starts Wednesday 18th January 7:30-8:30pm*

*Bookings essential. If you know you’d like to come please let me know and book early. Thankyou!¬†

Gift Card Local Yoga Fairfield

If you’d like to give the gift of Yoga this year, or maybe¬†someone is looking for a¬†gift for you, I have these lovely gift vouchers available. They can be purchased in class for the¬†Foundations of Yoga Course¬†, January¬†Rest & Renew- Restorative Yoga Class, x4 Class Pass $55 or x8 $110 Class Pass and¬†Private Yoga Classes.


Before Bed Lower Back Sequence Local Yoga Fairfield

A few months ago I was consistently waking up each morning with lower back pain. I found this rather an annoying problem! I started doing this 10 minute sequence every night before bed. Within 4 days my lower back pain had vanished. Win!

A few few points to keep in mind

  • Everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you but this is a great general sequence for lower back health. You may need to tweak this sequence to suit you.
  • Practice mindfully. If a posture flares up your back pain or doesn’t feel right, back right off. It may be worth checking you are coming into the pose correctly with your teacher.
  • If it hurts- leave it out.
  • Releasing the muscles that connect to the pelvis (hamstrings, inner/outer thigh muscles, glutes & lower back muscles) bring the pelvis back into a neutral position. That means it is no longer being pulled out of alignment by tight muscles. Poor alignment is a major contributor to lower back pain.
  • Keep the natural curve in your lower back when doing poses 1-4.
  • Use your breath. Because this is a before bed practice we want to help the body relax & start to move more into the parasympathetic part of the nervous system. Use slow belly breaths, stretch gently and bring your awareness to what is happening in your body. This will help you transition into peaceful sleep.
  • Hold each pose for at least 5 conscious¬†breaths.

Enjoy. Any questions or feedback please comment below. Remember to click the ‘Notify me of any new comments’ to hear any replies. Thankyou. Ruth ūüôŹūüĆł


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